7 Incredibly useful advantages of Ruby on Rails

Technology paves way for new software, programming languages and platforms. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a trending software, with Ruby language working on Rails platform.


Ruby on Rails(RoR) is an open-source software, hence comes free of cost. It is highly useful for developers as it saves a lot of time and effort with the use of gems or plug-ins options. It is particularly useful for website and apps maintenance.


Sometimes, your program may consist of too many redundant code snippets which is taken care of by Rails. It does this by slowing down the performance of the application, and indicates that code optimization is needed. Once you make the necessary modifications, performance outcomes are greatly enhanced.

Easier to learn

Ruby on Rails(RoR) offers a vast library of free plugins which can be used by developers. This improves reusability of code and also the plugins are capable enough to cater to certain customised business requirements. The presence of multitude of plugins makes RoR an easier option to master for beginners in software programming. There is a large community of Ruby on Rails (RoR) professionals who contribute ideas and solutions to queries raised by others. This is a great support as you might be currently working on a customer requirement which someone else might have already worked on earlier.

Uniformity & Consistency

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is designed such that it offers the ability to have standardised programming conventions and nomenclature across projects. This is useful, particularly for developers because even if one person has to leave a project midway, the new resource can take it up from there easily as the conventions are uniform throughout.

Faster website development

With features of RoR such as code reusability and improved performance, creative websites can be designed more efficiently and in a shorter span of time.

Saves Time

RoR works on the principle of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which breaks down the complex modules in simpler structures, thereby reducing the app development time. The MVC comes with a great interface, making the coding process simpler.

Safe & Secure

RoR is equipped with a high degree of security features, by default, making the software development life cycle secure. Besides, Ruby on Rails keeps abreast of any new vulnerabilities and gets itself upgraded. The documentation is maintained officially.