Product Catalogue


Absolute learning with theory & practical.

Acadflip offers video lectures, records students’ performance and offers a knowledge-intensive internship programme (free of cost) in partner companies, embedding the practical ingredient along with imparting best quality training in theoretical concepts.The application can be installed from Google Playstore and provides video lectures in both online and offline modes. In addition, any updates on the topics happen on the go.



High-end convenient media to broadcast video lessons

Flipgrad app is a learning management system offering the best online medium to deliver video lectures. This is basically an LMS software which provides the option to have the end user’s brand name and supports various features including a dashboard to track the students attended and respective lectures, sending out customized triggers to students at checkpoints and helps deliver a great user experience.



Ultimate destination for all mathematical problems.

Shindes Maths Academy is designed with the sole objective of providing easily understandable solutions and techniques to solve complex problems of advanced mathematics concepts including trigonometry, matrices, determinants, geometry and more. This application caters to mathematical areas spanning varied complexity levels.



A gateway to learn interesting stuff

Anish Sahasrabudhe App offers the leisure and convenience of exploring and gaining general information such as on business, sales, marketing and career. The application is designed as a Life coach and mentor, enhancing life skills, career aspects and other useful information in an engaging fashion. The application also comes with an optimal training programme facilitating the learning of general and life skills.



Finance management system

BSGI ORAI application is designed to facilitate the college management procedures of Bhagwan Singh Group of Institutions. The application offers information on the courses, faculty profiles and other details pertinent to the institution



Online Study Option - For school kids

Hira Educational Society caters to academic classes for school students on various subjects. The application supports the option of classifying the students into batches as per requirements and the subject content could be uploaded as PDFs and videos. Additionally, teacher profiles, attendance and exam schedules can also be maintained easily. The application comes with a notice board feature where any updates could be posted.



One stop option for all your dental requirements.

Rasna Dental Care app provides useful features which help cater to dental requests of users. This is a comprehensive application built with the objective of serving dental requirements such as booking online appointments, viewing the details of doctors and acquiring beforehand knowledge on various dental procedures. In addition, the application also supports functionality of booking emergency appointments.



An easier means to master harder subjects

I - SPIRIT app targeted at polytechnic and engineering curriculum aims to simplify the concepts and lessons of complex subjects comprising Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Theory of Structures, to name a few. This application focuses on easing the understanding of complicated topics which is a problem faced by most engineering students, particularly in civil and mechanical streams.



Offers a secure way to conduct virtual meetings.

Meetguard, a software to schedule and conduct virtual meetings on Google Meet and Zoom ensures they run securely and are attended only by authorized invitees. Often, we encounter situations wherein, the virtual meetings get impacted due to entry of, say an uninvited participant. This could have adverse effects and the overall purpose of the meeting could be undermined. Meetguard built on APIs with Google Meet and Zoom, ensures a safe and hassle-free virtual meet, through its unique features.