Asking for help is a Strength not a Weakness

That’s because we believe that by expressing our concerns or asking help to our problems from others, we are portraying a weaker side of ourselves, thereby diluting our image. 

This actually increases the mental stress that we are already undergoing and puts us in a more secluded state. We, in a way, prevent the solutions to our problems which could be simple for someone else, and who might be keen to help us as well.

By keeping our worries to ourselves and hesitating to seek help, we are procrastinating the solution. Asking for assistance of any sort does not flag your weakness or lack of bravery.

Instead, it depicts your resolve to crack the problem exhibiting your never-say-die attitude. It reveals your humility, modesty and staunch willingness to deal with the issue. Moreover, you are offering an opportunity to those who might be more than happy to help you.

Remember, together is the nicest way to be. And seeking help is the first step in fostering togetherness. First, you find a rather easier and quicker solution to the problem at hand. Second, you give the joy of helping to those who look forward to helping others.

So, take help and stay happy!!