Give More Take More

Several old sayings have always been true and further, they will remain true, one such saying is Give More and Take More, the ideology lying behind is a very simple fact that before demanding or taking one should learn the art of giving first.

Let me explain this to you with the help of an example: Suppose today you plant a mango tree in your garden, with the positive intention to eat mangoes from your garden, every mango season. But it’s not like that from day 1 that plant will start shedding down mangoes for you. Rather, you firstly need to plant it in proper sunlight, and fertile soil, and provide the regular water supply and then after 3 to 4 years of following the process, what we get is the mango from that tree (output) that to every year (recurring revenue).

So, before taking anything from the society or your client/customer as well, what value you are creating or serving them matters the most. Since you are here reading this article then definitely you must be interested in knowing my story! Right?? It is also a derivative of the Give more and take more ideology.

Like every third person in India, I also decided to do my bachelor’s in technology and further complete my master’s in the same domain from a prestigious institute of BITS Pilani. After that, I worked in the IT industry for more than 2 years, but my inner self was telling me to go into the most generous domain i.e., teaching. Since I had realized the difficulties that students often face while preparing for university and competitive exams due to lack of teaching resources. I wanted to offer something to the community. As a result, I resigned from the IT industry and moved to a career in teaching by joining Sinhgad Institutes.

Well, I have one attitude towards the situation, you can consider it as a positive attitude or a type of madness towards the decision. But once I make my decision I give my 100% and never look back. So, I started my teaching journey. It was again a very learning as well as wisdom imparting experience with students and I used to feel very happy clearing their doubts and solving their problems. It gave me a sense of eternal satisfaction.

When I felt that now there was a time to move on, after a few years of teaching, I decided to begin a challenging but exciting journey as an entrepreneur, and hence, we started an EdTech platform named acadflip under Pixaflip Technologies. Pixaflip now consists of a full-fledged team of experts possessing diverse experience spanning multiple technologies ranging from mobile applications to designing websites and digital marketing.

But friends, as you know, building and developing a startup comes with its challenges. Getting your initial customers is always a difficult task and if you aren’t able to generate the revenue in a proper amount of time, trust me there is a high possibility that your Start-up will die. So, was the condition of Pixaflip after a couple of years when we started it, we only had 1 month of capital left to function this venture and we were trying our best but nothing expected was rolling up.

And now comes the part that will either have your goosebumps or leave you with a strong emotion of happiness. Now, out of nowhere we suddenly started to receive some very good projects and also the prominent ones. When I dug deeper into the situation I got to know that my students who were there in the industry were acting as the supporters of our firm, to whom I used to teach in my teaching days. When I used to teach, I always gave them the maximum possible knowledge from my side. That was the ‘give more’ side of mine as a teacher. Which started paying us in the long run (which we never thought of).

Trust me, without their initial support, it would have been a herculean task to get started. And that’s why I advocate the “Give more, take more” philosophy and I have always been a fan of this ideology.